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|1|||| () ||||||| | 7:70
Translation:They replied, "Have you come to us (with the demand) that we should worship Allah alone and discard those whom our forefathers have been worshiping? Well, bring on us the scourge with which you have been threatening us, if you are truthful."
Translit: Qaloo ajitana linaAAbuda Allaha wahdahu wanathara ma kana yaAAbudu abaona fatina bima taAAiduna in kunta mina alssadiqeena







|6|ma: not|کيا Perfect Part

|7|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|8|ya`budu imperfect | `b `b b ()



|11|bima: with not|کيا Perfect Part

|12|ta`iduna imperfect | `d `d d (n)

|13|in: if|اگر Jussive Part

|14|kunta: |تھا kana Form:7)


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