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|1|||| () ||||||| | 7:137
Translation:And after them We gave as heritage to those who had been abased and kept low, the eastern and western parts of that land, which had been blessed bountifully by Us. Thus the promise of prosperity that your Lord had made with the Israelites was fulfilled, because they had shown fortitude. And We destroyed all that Pharaoh and his people had constructed and raised up.
Translit: Waawrathna alqawma allatheena kanoo yustadAAafoona mashariqa alardi wamagharibaha allatee barakna feeha watammat kalimatu rabbika alhusna AAala banee israeela bima sabaroo wadammarna ma kana yasnaAAu firAAawnu waqawmuhu wama kanoo yaAArishoona



|2|allathiyna: those [masc. pl]|جو کہ [مذكّر جمع]

|3|kanoo: |تھي kana Form:3)

|4|yustad`afoona imperfect | 4std`f 4std`f st`f (s)




|8|allatiy: that [fem. ]|جو کہ [مؤنّث ]


|10|fiyha in her|اُس نے





|15|`ala: lower| Adverb of Place:



|18|bima: with not|کيا Perfect Part



|21|ma: not|کيا Perfect Part

|22|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|23|yasna`u imperfect | sn sn n (s)



|26|wama: and not|کيا Perfect Part

|27|kanoo: |تھي kana Form:3)

|28|ya`rishoona imperfect | `rshn `rshn rsn (s)
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