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|1|||| () ||||||| | 7:169
Translation:Then after the following generations, unworthy people succeeded them: they inherited the Book, but in spite of this they grab the fleeting good things of this low world, and say. "We expect to be forgiven." Yet if similar worldly things again come before them. they again grab them. Has not the Covenant of the Book been taken from them that they should ascribe to Allah nothing but the truth? And they themselves have studied well that which is written in the Book. And the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear Allah. Do you not understand even this thing?
Translit: Fakhalafa min baAAdihim khalfun warithoo alkitaba yakhuthoona AAarada hatha aladna wayaqooloona sayughfaru lana wain yatihim AAaradun mithluhu yakhuthoohu alam yukhath AAalayhim meethaqu alkitabi an la yaqooloo AAala Allahi illa alhaqqa wadarasoo ma feehi waalddaru alakhiratu khayrun lillatheena yattaqoona afala taAAqiloona

|1|min: from|سے
|12|lana: for us|
|13|wain: and if|اگر
|20|AAalayhim: on them|
|23|an: so that|اگر
|24|la: so|
|26|AAala: over/upon/against/through|پر
|28|illa: except|سواـٔے
|31|ma: not|کيا
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