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|1|||| () ||||||| | 2:114
Translation: And who could be a greater wrongdoer than the one who forbids the mention of Allahs name in places of worship and strives for their ruin? Such people do not deserve to enter the places of worship, and, if they enter at all, they should do so in fear;114 for there is ignominy for them in this world and an awful punishment in the Hereafter.
Translit: Waman athlamu mimman manaAAa masajida Allahi an yuthkara feeha ismuhu wasaAAa fee kharabiha olaika ma kana lahum an yadkhulooha illa khaifeena lahum fee alddunya khizyun walahum fee alakhirati AAathabun AAatheemun







|6|an: so that|اگر

|7|yuthkara imperfect | thk thk hk (s)

|8|fiyha in her|اُس نے





|13|olaika: Dem. Pro. Far those [masc. pl]|وہ

|14|ma: not|کيا Perfect Part

|15|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|16|lahum for them|اُن کا

|17|an: so that|اگر

|18|yadkhulooha imperfect | dKl dKl Kl (n)

|19|illa: except|سواـٔے Negative/Exception


|21|lahum for them|اُن کا




|25|walahum and for them|اُن کا




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