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|1|||| () ||||||| | 12:68
Translation:And it so happened that when they entered the city by different gates as their father had advised them the precautionary measure proved ineffective against Allahs will. Of course Jacob had done his best to avert the fear he had in his heart. Indeed he possessed knowledge because of what We had taught him: but most people do not understand the reality of the matter.
Translit: Walamma dakhaloo min haythu amarahum aboohum ma kana yughnee AAanhum mina Allahi min shayin illa hajatan fee nafsi yaAAqooba qadaha wainnahu lathoo AAilmin lima AAallamnahu walakinna akthara alnnasi la yaAAlamoona



|2|min from

|3|haythu: a`la| Adverb of Place:



|6|ma: not|کيا Perfect Part

|7|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|8|yughniy imperfect | Gn Gn n ()




|12|min from


|14|illa: except|سواـٔے Negative/Exception



|17|nafsi imperfect | f f ()

|18|ya`qooba imperfect | `q `q q ()


|20|wainnahu and indeed him|



|23|lima: for not|کيا Perfect Part





|28|la: so|

|29|ya`lamoona imperfect | 4`lm 4`lm `l (s)
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