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|1|||| () ||||||| | 25:18
Translation:They will answer, "Glory be to Thee! We dared not take any guardian besides Thee: (they were misled because) Thou didst give them and their forefathers all the good things of life till they forgot the Admonition, and incurred the punishment."
Translit: Qaloo subhanaka ma kana yanbaghee lana an nattakhitha min doonika min awliyaa walakin mattaAAtahum waabaahum hatta nasoo alththikra wakanoo qawman booran



|2|ma: not|کيا Perfect Part

|3|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|4|yanbaghiy imperfect | nbG nbG bG ()

|5|lana for us|ہمارا

|6|an: so that|اگر

|7|nattakhitha imperfect | ttKt ttKt tK ()

|8|min from


|10|min from


|12|walakin: and but|ليکن Conjunction:



|15|hatta: |

|16|nasoo imperfect | s s (s)


|18|wakanoo: and |تھي kana Form:3)


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