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|1|||| () ||||||| | 2:36
Translation:After a time Satan tempted them with that tree to disobey. Our Command and brought them out of the state they were in, and We decreed, "Now, go down all of you from here; you are enemies of one another. Henceforth you shall dwell and provide for yourselves on the Earth for a specified period."
Translit: Faazallahuma alshshaytanu AAanha faakhrajahuma mimma kana feehi waqulna ihbitoo baAAdukum libaAAdin AAaduwwun walakum fee alardi mustaqarrun wamataAAun ila heenin





|4|mimma: why|کس کے ليے Interrogatory Pronoun

|5|kana: |تھا kana Form:1)

|6|fiyhi in him|اُس نے






|12|walakum and for you|تم سب کا





|17|ila: until/to|تک/کي طرف Preposition (Harf e Jar) followed by Isme Majroor

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