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2 Surah: 3|4| Ayat[154]||3← |Juz[4] ||||6←| Hizb[7]|||←15| Ruku[16]: Causes of Misfortune in Uhud Battle|→17
7. English: Then after this grief, Allah sent down upon some of you such a sense of peace and security that they began to drowse, but the others, who attached importance only to their own worldly interests, began to cherish about Allah thoughts of ignorance which were void of truth. Now they ask, "Have we also a say in .the conduct of affairs?" Say, ("No one has share in this.) The authority over the affairs rests wholly with Allah." In fact they are not disclosing to you what they are concealing in their hearts: what they really mean is this: "If we had a say (in the conduct of) the affairs, none of us would have been slain here." Tell them, "Even though you had remained in your houses, those, who were destined to be slain, would have gone forth of their own accord to the places where they were destined to be slain." And all this happened so that Allah may test that which was hidden in your hearts,
Reference: 3:154