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|Surah| 54 |Juz| 27 |Ruku| 1 Judgment to overtake Opponents |Hizb|53 |Ayat| 3 |Next
snan= 054003
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|Transliteration| Wakaththaboo waittabaAAoo ahwaahum wakullu amrin mustaqirrun

|English| They have denied (this too) and followed only their own lusts. Ultimately, every matter has to reach an appointed end.

|Urdu1| اِنہوں نے (اس کو بھی) جُُھٹلا دیا اور اپنی خواہشاتِ نفس ہی کی پیروی کی۔ ہر معاملہ کو آخرکار ایک انجام پر پہنچ کر رہنا ہے

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