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Lesson 3.28:
Lesson 3.28:
#(1) (a)lmaf`uwlu (a)lmuTlqu ٱلْمُطْلَقُ The Absolute Object : It is the maSdar مَصْدَر of the verb occurring in the sentence used along with the verb for the sake of emphasis. It is mansuwb. The maf`uwl muTluq has four uses. It is used to
a) to emphasise.)
17:12 wakulla shayin fassalnahu tafseelan

"Thus We have made everything manifestly distinct."
84:8 fasaw.fa yuHaAsabu HisaAb(an)A yasiyr(an)A

"shall have an easy reckoning,"
4:164 wakallama Allahu moosa takleeman

"and We spoke directly to Moses as in conversation."

b) to specify the number
c) to specify the type of action.
d) as a substitute for the verb.
Words which deputize for the maSdar مَصْدَر
1) the words _ayyi, ba`D, kullu with the maSdar مَصْدَر as muDaAf _ilayhi
26:227 wasayaAAlamu allatheena thalamoo ayya munqalabin yanqaliboona

"And the iniquitous people will soon come to know what punishment awaits them."
2) a number with the maSdar مَصْدَر as its tamyiyz
24:2 faijlidoo kulla wahidin minhuma miata jaldatin

"flog each one of them with a hundred stripes"
24:4 faijlidoohum thamaneena jaldatan

"flog them with eighty stripes"
3) an adjective of the maSdar مَصْدَر
4:102 ayameeloona AAalaykum maylatan wahidatan

" so that they may swoop down upon you with a surprise attack."
5:12 waaqradtumu Allaha qardan hasanan

"and give a generous loan to Allah"
8:17 waliyubliya almumineena minhu balaan hasanan

"flog them with eighty stripes"
48:1 _innaA fataH.naA laka fat.H(an)A mmubiyn(an)A

"O Prophet, We have indeed granted you a clear victory"
33:28 waosarrihkunna sarahan jameelan

"and send you off in a good way"
Sometimes it comes after a verb of passive tense.
56:5 wabussati (a)ljibaAlu bass(an)A

"and the mountains shall crumble"
76:14 wadhullilat. quTuwfuhaA tadhliyl(an)A

"and its fruits shall be within their easy reach (so that they may pluck them at will)"
89:21 Kalla itha dukkati alardu dakkan dakkan

"Indeed not! When the earth is incessantly pounded to become a sand-desert."
99:1 Itha zulzilati alardu zilzalaha

"When the earth is shaken with her utmost shaking"
4) _ism (a)lmaSdarkalAm(un) كَلَامٌ "speaking"qubla(t)(un) قُبَلَةٌ "kiss"
5) a cognate maSdar مَصْدَر(a) the maSdar مَصْدَر of the mujarrad مُجَرَّدْ verb while the verb used in the sentence is maziyd مَزِيدْ.
89:20 watuHibbuwna (a)l.maAla Hubb(an)A jamm(an)A

"and you love the wealth with all yow hearts."
(b) a maSdar مَصْدَر of a maziyd مَزِيدْ baAb which is different from the baAb of verb
73:8 watabattal. _ilay.hi tab.tiyl(an)A

"and devote yourself to Him exclusively."
6) a demonstrative pronoun with the maSdar مَصْدَر as its badal
7) a pronoun referring to the maSdar مَصْدَر
8) a synonym of the maSdar مَصْدَر
#(2) Kinds of masdar مَصدَر:
a) maSdaru (a)lmarra(t)i
20:96 faqabadtu qabdatan min athari alrrasooli

"so I took a handful of dust from the footprints of the Messenger"

b) maSdaru (a)lhayea(t)i "the maSdar مَصْدَر of manner"
fi`la(t)(un) فِعْلَةٌ
jilsa(t)(un) جِلْسَةٌ "manner of sitting"
mishya(t)(un) مِشْيَةٌ "manner of walking"
c) the maSdar (a)lmiymiyyu: It is on the pattern of:
maf`ala(un) مَفْعَلٌ maf`ala(t)(un) مَفْعَلَةٌ
mamaAta(un) مَمَاتٌ "death"
maf`ila(t)(un) مَفْعِلَةٌ
ma`rifa(t)(un) مَعْرِفَةٌ "knowledge"
maghfira(t)(un) مَغْفِرَةٌ "forgiveness"
In the maziyd مَزِيدٌ it is the same as the _ism (a)lfaA`il;
mazzaqa مَزَّقَ "tear asunder" mumazzaq(un) مُمَزَّقٌ "tearing asunder"
_akharaja أَخْرَجَ "take out" mukhraj(un) مُخْرَجٌ "taking out"
_inqalaba إِنقَلَبَ "return" munqalab(un) مُنْقَلَبٌ "return"
34:19 fajaAAalnahum ahadeetha wamazzaqnahum kulla mumazzaqin

"We made them mere legends and scattered them utterly."
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