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72 Surah: 73|74| Ayat[20]||28← |Juz[29] ||||57←| Hizb[58]|||←1| Ruku[2]: Prayer enjoined on Muslims|→3
7. English: O Prophet, your Lord knows that you sometimes stand in the Prayer nearly two-thirds of the night and sometimes half the night, and sometimes one-third of the night, and so does a group of your Companions. Allah alone keeps an account of the time of the day and night. He knows that you cannot compute the time precisely; so He has shown kindness to you. Now you may read as much of the Qur\'an as you easily can. He knows that there will be sick men among you, and some others who travel to seek Allah\'s bounty and yet others who fight in Allah\'s Way. Therefore, read as much of the Qur\'an as you may do with ease. Establish the salat and pay the zakat, and give to Allah a goodly loan. Whatever good you may send forward for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah. That is best and richest in reward. Seek forgiveness from Allah: indeed Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful.
Reference: 73:20