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He is Allah Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Right way so that He may make it prevail over all other ways, even though the mushriks be much averse to it.

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Nav|Surah 2. Al-Baqarah|Juz 1. Alif. Lam. Mim.|Ruku 7. Divine Favors on Israel|Hizb 1 ||Ayat [2:61]
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English: Remember: You grumbled: "O Moses, we cannot endure one and the same sort of food. Pray your Lord to bring for us the products of the earth green herbs, vegetables, corn, garlic, onions, pulses and the like." Moses replied: "What! would you exchange that which is meaner for that which is nobler? Well, go and live in a town and you will get there what you demand." By and by, they became so degraded that disgrace and humiliation, misery and wretchedness were stamped upon them and they incurred Allahs wrath. That was because they began to reject the Revelations of Allah78 and kill His Messengers without any just cause; that was the consequence of their disobedience and their persistent transgression against the Law.
Waith qultum ya moosa lan nasbira AAala taAAamin wahidin faodAAu lana rabbaka yukhrij lana mimma tunbitu alardu min baqliha waqiththaiha wafoomiha waAAadasiha wabasaliha qala atastabdiloona allathee huwa adna biallathee huwa khayrun ihbitoo misran fainna lakum ma saaltum waduribat AAalayhimu alththillatu waalmaskanatu wabaoo bighadabin mina Allahi thalika biannahum kanoo yakfuroona biayati Allahi wayaqtuloona alnnabiyyeena bighayri alhaqqi thalika bima AAasaw wakanoo yaAAtadoona
0. Waith
1. qultum
2. ya
3. moosa
4. lan
5. nasbira
6. AAala
7. taAAamin
8. wahidin
9. faodAAu
10. lana
11. rabbaka rabbaka كَ Genetive Pronoun
12. yukhrij
13. lana
14. mimma
15. tunbitu
16. alardu
17. min
18. baqliha
19. waqiththaiha
20. wafoomiha
21. waAAadasiha
22. wabasaliha
23. qala lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
24. atastabdiloona
25. allathee
26. huwa huwa هُوَ 3. Genetive Pronoun
27. adna
28. biallathee
29. huwa huwa هُوَ 3. Genetive Pronoun
30. khayrun
31. ihbitoo
32. misran
33. fainna
34. lakum lakum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
35. ma
36. saaltum
37. waduribat
38. AAalayhimu
39. alththillatu
40. waalmaskanatu
41. wabaoo
42. bighadabin
43. mina
44. Allahi Allahi هِ Genetive Pronoun
45. thalika thalika كَ Genetive Pronoun
46. biannahum biannahum هُمْ Objective Pronoun
47. kanoo kanoo كَانُوا Kana Sisters
48. yakfuroona
49. biayati
50. Allahi Allahi هِ Genetive Pronoun
51. wayaqtuloona
52. alnnabiyyeena
53. bighayri
54. alhaqqi
55. thalika thalika كَ Genetive Pronoun
56. bima
57. AAasaw
58. wakanoo wakanoo كَانُوا Kana Sisters
59. yaAAtadoona