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|Surah| 8 |Juz| 9 |Ruku| 1 The Battle of Badr |Hizb|18 |Ayat| 4 |Next
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|Transliteration| Olaika humu almuminoona haqqan lahum darajatun AAinda rabbihim wamaghfiratun warizqun kareemun

|English| Such people are indeed true believers; they have high ranks with their Lord and forgiveness for their sins and most generous provisions.


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|1|. Opening|2|. Fundamental Principles of Islam|3|. Lip-profession|4|. Divine Unity|5|. Greatness of Man and Need of Revelation|6|. Israelite Prophecies fulfilled|7|. Divine Favors on Israel|8|. Divine Favors on Israel|9|. They grow in Hard-heartedness|10|. They grow in Hard-heartedness
|11|. Violation of Covenant|12|. They reject the Prophet|13|. Their enmity to the Prophet|14|. Previous scriptures are abrogated|15|. Perfect guidance only in Islam|16|. Covenant with Abraham|17|. The Religion of Abraham|18|. The Kabah as the Spiritual Center|19|. The Kabah as the Spiritual Center|20|. Hard Trials necessary to establish Truth
|21|. Unit must prevail|22|. Prohibited Foods|23|. Retaliation and Bequests|24|. Retaliation and Bequests|25|. Fighting in Defense|26|. The Pilgrimage|27|. Trials and Tribulation|28|. Miscellaneous Questions|29|. Divorce|30|. Divorce
|31|. Remarriage of Divorced Women and Widows|32|. Provisions for Divorced Women and Widows|33|. Fighting in the Cause of Truth|34|. Fighting in the Cause of Truth|35|. No Compulsion in Religion|36|. Dead Nations Revival|37|. Spending Money in the Cause of Truth|38|. Spending in the Cause of Truth|39|. Usury Prohibited|40|. Contracts and Evidence
|41|. Muslims Victory Sure|42|. Rule of Interpretation|43|. Unity the Basis of all Religions|44|. The Kingdom is granted to another people|45|. Last Members of a Chosen Race|46|. Birth of Jesus and His Ministry|47|. Jesus cleared of False Charges|48|. Controversy with Jews and Christians|49|. Machinations to discredit Islam|50|. Covenant of the Prophets
|51|. Ever-living Testimony to the Truth of Islam|52|. Muslims exhorted to remain united|53|. How to deal with the Hypocrites|54|. The Battle of Uhud|55|. What Success meant for the Muslims|56|. Sufferings to be met with Perseverance|57|. Causes of Misfortune in Uhud Battle|58|. Battle of Uhud afforded a distinction|59|. Uhud no gain to the enemy|60|. Carpings of People of the Book
|61|. Ultimate Triumph of the Faithful|62|. Law of Inheritance|63|. Treatment of Women|64|. What Women may be taken in Marriage|65|. Women Rights over their Earnings|66|. Disagreement between Husband and Wife|67|. Purification of the Soul|68|. Kingdom granted to Abraham Descendants|69|. The Prophet must be obeyed|70|. Believers must defend Themselves
|71|. Attitude of the Hypocrites|72|. How to deal with Hypocrites|73|. Murderer of a Muslim|74|. Muslims who remained with the Enemy|75|. Prayer when Fighting|76|. Hypocrites are Dishonest|77|. Secret Counsels of the Hypocrites|78|. Idolatry condemned|79|. Equitable Dealings with Orphans and Women|80|. Hypocrisy Condemned
|81|. End of the Hypocrites|82|. Transgression of the Jews|83|. Previous Revelation bears out Quranic Statements|84|. Prophethood of Jesus|85|. Perfection of Religion in Islam|86|. Duty of Uprightness|87|. Christian Violation of the Covenant|88|. Israelites Violation of the Covenant|89|. Cain and Abel - murderous plots against the Prophet|90|. Punishment of Offenders
|91|. The Quran and Previous Scriptures|92|. Relations of Muslims with Enemies|93|. Christian Deviation from the Truth|94|. Christian Nearness to Islam|95|. A Warning - Besetting Sins of Previous People|96|. Inviolability of the Kabah|97|. Some Directions for Muslims|98|. Christian Love of this Life|99|. False Doctrines introduced after Jesus|100|. Ultimate Triumph of Divine Unity
|101|. Greatness of Divine Mercy|102|. Polytheists Witness against Themselves|103|. Rejection of the Truth|104|. Consequences of Rejection|105|. Reward of Believers|106|. Abraham Argument for Divine Unity|107|. Ultimate Triumph of the Truth|108|. Gradual Progress|109|. Polytheists Opposition|110|. The Chief Opponents
|111|. Evils of Idolatry|112|. Idolaters Self-Imposed Prohibitions|113|. Prohibited Foods|114|. Guiding Rules of Life|115|. The Goal for the Faithful|116|. Opponents Doom|117|. The Battle of Badr|118|. The Battle of Badr|119|. The Way to Success|120|. Badr a Sign of Prophets Truth
|121|. Badr a Sign of Prophets Truth|122|. Success does not depend on Numbers|123|. Enemys Strength Weakened|124|. Muslims to meet Overwhelming Numbers|125|. Muslims to meet Overwhelming Numbers|126|. Relations of Muslim State with others|127|. Declaration of Immunity|128|. Reasons for the Immunity|129|. Idolaters Service of the Sacred House|130|. Islam made Triumphant in Arabia
|131|. Islam will Triumph in the World|132|. The Hypocrites|133|. The Hypocrites|134|. The Hypocrites|135|. The Hypocrites|136|. The Hypocrites|137|. The Hypocrites|138|. The Hypocrites|139|. The Hypocrites|140|. The Faithful
|141|. What Faithful should do|142|. Prophets Great Anxiety|143|. Truth of Revelation|144|. Punishment of Rejection|145|. Merciful Dealing|146|. Uniqueness of Divine Gifts|147|. Reprobates Punishment|148|. Mercy Takes Precedence of Punishment|149|. Divine Judgment|150|. Noah and Moses
|151|. End of Opposition to Moses|152|. Warning benefits the Heedful|153|. Divine Judgment|154|. A Warning|155|. Truth of Revelation|156|. History of Noah|157|. History of Noah|158|. History of Hud|159|. The Iniquitous and the Righteous|160|. Abraham and Lot
|161|. History of Shuaib|162|. Iniquitous and Righteous|163|. Believers comforted|164|. Josephs Vision|165|. Brothers plot against Joseph|166|. Josephs Firmness under Temptation|167|. Joseph is Imprisoned|168|. Joseph Preaches in Prison|169|. Joseph interprets Kings Vision|170|. Joseph cleared of Charges
|171|. The Youngest Brother|172|. The youngest brother|173|. Joseph discloses his Identity|174|. Israel goes to Egypt|175|. Lesson for Prophets Opponents|176|. Truth of Revelation|177|. Fall and Rise of Nations|178|. Good and Evil bear Reward|179|. Revolution to be brought about by Quran|180|. Opposition will fail
|181|. Steady Progress of Truth|182|. Revelation dispels darkness|183|. Truth is rejected first|184|. Opposition is at last destroyed|185|. Truth is Confirmed|186|. Mans injustice in rejecting Truth|187|. Abrahams prayer|188|. End of Opposition|189|. The Quran is guarded|190|. Evil will be destroyed
|191|. Devils Opposition to the Righteous|192|. Mercy for the Righteous Abraham|193|. Lot and Shuaib|194|. Warner to Dwellers of Rock|195|. Revelation testified by Nature|196|. Nature upholds Unity|197|. Denial due to Ignorance|198|. Wicked meet Disgrace|199|. Prophet raised to explain|200|. Opponents Doom
|201|. Human Nature revolts against Polytheism|202|. Parables showing the Truth of Revelation|203|. Parables showing the Truth of Revelation|204|. Recipient of Revelation|205|. Punishment withheld|206|. Prophets testify|207|. Revelation enjoins Good|208|. Quran not a Forgery|209|. Fate of Opponents|210|. Way to Greatness
|211|. Israelites Punished Twice|212|. Every deed has a consequence|213|. Moral Precepts|214|. Moral Precepts|215|. Disbelievers grow harder|216|. Punishment must follow|217|. Truth will prevail|218|. Opposition to the Prophet|219|. Truth will prevail|220|. Quran - a Unique Guidance
|221|. Justice of Retribution|222|. Comparison with Moses|223|. A Warning to Christians|224|. Dwellers in the Cave|225|. Dwellers in the Cave|226|. Quran as a Guidance|227|. A Parable|228|. Guilty are Judged|229|. Their Helplessness|230|. Warning is disregarded
|231|. Moses travels in Search of Knowledge|232|. Moses search of Knowledge|233|. Dhul-qarnain - Gog and Magog|234|. Christian Nations|235|. Zacharias and John|236|. Mary and Jesus|237|. Abraham|238|. Other Prophets are raised|239|. How the Opponents were Dealt with|240|. False doctrine of Sonship
|241|. Moses is called|242|. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh|243|. Moses and Enchanters|244|. Israelites worship a calf|245|. End of Calf-worship|246|. The Prophets Opponents|247|. The Devils misleading|248|. Punishment is certain|249|. Judgment approaches|250|. Truth triumphed always
|251|. Truth of Revelation|252|. Allah deals Mercifully|253|. Abraham is Delivered|254|. Abraham always delivers Prophets|255|. Righteous will inherit land|256|. The Judgment|257|. Certainty of Divine Help|258|. Believers are Triumphant|259|. Pilgrimage|260|. Sacrifices
|261|. Believers permitted to fight|262|. Opposition to the Prophet|263|. Divine Mercy in dealing with Men|264|. Divine Mercy in dealing with Men|265|. Polytheism will be uprooted|266|. Success of the Faithful|267|. Noah|268|. Prophets after Noah|269|. Higher Values of Life|270|. Polytheism is self-condemned
|271|. Regrets of the Wicked|272|. Law relating to Adultery|273|. Aishahs Slanderers|274|. Slanderers of Women|275|. Preventive Measures|276|. Manifestation of Divine Light|277|. Manifestation of Divine Power|278|. Establishment of the Kingdom of Islam|279|. Respect for Privacy|280|. Matters of State to take Precedence
|281|. A Warner for all Nations|282|. Truth of Warning|283|. Day of Discrimination|284|. Lesson in Fate of Former People|285|. A Lesson from Nature|286|. The Transformation wrought|287|. The Prophet is consoled|288|. Moses called and sent to Pharaoh|289|. Moses and Enchanters|290|. Moses delivered, Pharaoh drowned
|291|. History of Abraham|292|. History of Noah|293|. History of Hud|294|. History of Salih|295|. History of Lot|296|. History of Shuaib|297|. Prophets Opponents warned|298|. Reference to Moses History|299|. History of Solomon|300|. History of Solomon
|301|. Salih and Lot|302|. The Faithful will be Exhalted|303|. The Spiritual Resurrection|304|. Passing away of Opposition|305|. History of Moses|306|. History of Moses|307|. History of Moses|308|. Prophets among Abraham Descendants|309|. A Prophet like Moses|310|. Truth of Revelation
|311|. The Prophet will return in Makkah|312|. Korahs wealth ruins him|313|. The Prophet will return to Makkah|314|. Trials purify|315|. Noah and Abraham|316|. Abraham and Lot|317|. Opposition to Truth ever a Failure|318|. Quran is a purifier|319|. Warning and Consolation|320|. Triumph of the Faithful
|321|. A Great Prophecy|322|. The Two Parties|323|. Manifestation of Divine Power in Nature|324|. Appeal to Human Nature|325|. A Transformation|326|. Overthrow of Opposition|327|. Believers will be Successful|328|. Islam will be established|329|. Spiritual and Physical Relationship|330|. Judgment is certain
|331|. Divine Favors|332|. Truth of the Quran|333|. Unity will prevail|334|. The Enemys Discomfiture|335|. Obedience to Allah|336|. Protection of the Faithful|337|. Invitation to Truth|338|. Divine mercy in giving warning|339|. Revelation is a Divine Favor|340|. Lighter Punishment followed by Severer
|341|. Denial of Revelation|342|. Truth of Revelation|343|. Opponents will perish in War|344|. Hudaibiyah Truce - a Victory|345|. Respect for the Prophet|346|. The Resurrection|347|. Falsehood is doomed|348|. Success of the Faithful|349|. Eminence attained by the Prophet|350|. Judgment to overtake Opponents
|351|. Divine Beneficence|352|. Three Classes of Men|353|. Establishment of Gods Kingdom|354|. Safeguarding Womens Rights|355|. The Exiled Jews|356|. Friendly Relations with Enemies|357|. Muslims chosen for Divine Facors|358|. Muslims chosen for Divine Favors|359|. The Hypocrites|360|. Disbelievers Warned
|361|. Supplementary Divorce Rules|362|. Prophets Domestic Relations|363|. The Kingdom of God|364|. Not a Madmans Message|365|. The Doom|366|. Certainty of the Punishment|367|. Noah preaches|368|. Foreign Believers|369|. The Prophet enjoined to pray|370|. The Prophet enjoined to warn
|371|. Truth of the Resurrection|372|. Attainment of Perfection|373|. Consequences of Rejection|374|. The Day of Decision|375|. Consequences of Rejection|376|. He Frowned|377|. The Folding Up|378|. The Cleaving|379|. Default in Duty|380|. The Bursting Asunder
|381|. The Stars|382|. The Comer by Night|383|. The Most High|384|. The Overwhelming Event|385|. The Day-Break|386|. The City|387|. The Sun|388|. The Night|389|. The Brightness of The Day|390|. The Expansion
|391|. The Fig|392|. The Clot|393|. The Majesty|394|. The Clear Evidence|395|. The Shaking|396|. The Assaulters|397|. The Calamity|398|. The Abundance of Wealth|399|. The Time|400|. The Slanderer
|401|. The Elephant|402|. The Quraish|403|. Acts of Kindness|404|. The Abundance of Good|405|. The Disbelievers|406|. The Help|407|. The Flame|408|. The Unity|409|. The Dawn|410|. The Men