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He is Allah Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Right way so that He may make it prevail over all other ways, even though the mushriks be much averse to it.

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Nav|Surah 2. Al-Baqarah|Juz 2. Sayaqoolu alssufahao|Ruku 25. The Pilgrimage|Hizb 3 ||Ayat [2:197]
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English: The months for Hajj are well known to all; whoever makes up his mind to perform Hajj during these fixed months, let him totally abstain from all sorts of sexual indulgence, wickedness and wrangling during the Hajj and remember that Allah knows whatever good you do. Take necessary provisions for Hajj, and piety is the best of all provisions: so refrain from disobeying Me, O men of understanding!
Alhajju ashhurun maAAloomatun faman farada feehinna alhajja fala rafatha wala fusooqa wala jidala fee alhajji wama tafAAaloo min khayrin yaAAlamhu Allahu watazawwadoo fainna khayra alzzadi alttaqwa waittaqooni ya olee alalbabi
0. Alhajju
1. ashhurun
2. maAAloomatun
3. faman
4. farada
5. feehinna feehinna هِنَّ Genetive Pronoun
6. alhajja
7. fala lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
8. rafatha
9. wala lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
10. fusooqa
11. wala lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
12. jidala
13. fee
14. alhajji
15. wama
16. tafAAaloo
17. min
18. khayrin
19. yaAAlamhu yaAAlamhu هُ Objective Pronoun
20. Allahu Allahu هُ Objective Pronoun
21. watazawwadoo
22. fainna
23. khayra
24. alzzadi
25. alttaqwa
26. waittaqooni
27. ya
28. olee
29. alalbabi