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Nav|Surah 4. An-Nisa'|Juz 4. Lan tanaloo albirra|Ruku 2. Law of Inheritance|Hizb 8 ||Ayat [4:11]
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English: As regards inheritance, Allah enjoins you concerning your children that: The share of the male shall be twice that of the female. In case the heirs be more than two females, their total share shall be two-thirds of the whole and if there be only one daughter, her share shall be half of the whole. If the deceased has children, each of his parents shall get one-sixth of the whole, but if he be childless and his parents alone are his heirs, the mother shall have one-third of the whole. If the deceased has brothers and sisters also, the mother shall be entitled to one-sixth of the whole. The division of all these shares shall take place only after fulfilling the terms of the will and after the payment of the debt (if any). As regards your parents and your children, you do not know who is more beneficial to you. Allah has apportioned these shares and most surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise
Yooseekumu Allahu fee awladikum lilththakari mithlu haththi alonthayayni fain kunna nisaan fawqa ithnatayni falahunna thulutha ma taraka wain kanat wahidatan falaha alnnisfu waliabawayhi likulli wahidin minhuma alssudusu mimma taraka in kana lahu waladun fain lam yakun lahu waladun wawarithahu abawahu faliommihi alththuluthu fain kana lahu ikhwatun faliommihi alssudusu min baAAdi wasiyyatin yoosee biha aw daynin abaokum waabnaokum la tadroona ayyuhum aqrabu lakum nafAAan fareedatan mina Allahi i
0. Yooseekumu
1. Allahu Allahu هُ Objective Pronoun
2. fee
3. awladikum awladikum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
4. lilththakari
5. mithlu
6. haththi haththi هِ Genetive Pronoun
7. alonthayayni
8. fain
9. kunna kunna كُنَّا Kana Sisters
10. nisaan
11. fawqa fawqa فَوْق 11. Adverb of Place
12. ithnatayni
13. falahunna falahunna هُنَّ Objective Pronoun
14. thulutha
15. ma
16. taraka taraka كَ Genetive Pronoun
17. wain
18. kanat kanat كَانَتْ Kana Sisters
19. wahidatan
20. falaha
21. alnnisfu
22. waliabawayhi waliabawayhi هِ Genetive Pronoun
23. likulli
24. wahidin
25. minhuma
26. alssudusu
27. mimma
28. taraka taraka كَ Genetive Pronoun
29. in
30. kana kana كَانَ Kana Sisters
31. lahu lahu هُ Objective Pronoun
32. waladun
33. fain
34. lam lam سَوفَ Master Group
35. yakun
36. lahu lahu هُ Objective Pronoun
37. waladun
38. wawarithahu wawarithahu هُ Objective Pronoun
39. abawahu abawahu هُ Objective Pronoun
40. faliommihi faliommihi هِ Genetive Pronoun
41. alththuluthu alththuluthu هُ Objective Pronoun
42. fain
43. kana kana كَانَ Kana Sisters
44. lahu lahu هُ Objective Pronoun
45. ikhwatun
46. faliommihi faliommihi هِ Genetive Pronoun
47. alssudusu
48. min
49. baAAdi
50. wasiyyatin
51. yoosee
52. biha
53. aw
54. daynin
55. abaokum abaokum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
56. waabnaokum waabnaokum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
57. la
58. tadroona
59. ayyuhum ayyuhum هُمْ Objective Pronoun
60. aqrabu
61. lakum lakum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
62. nafAAan
63. fareedatan
64. mina
65. Allahi Allahi هِ Genetive Pronoun
66. i