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He is Allah Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Right way so that He may make it prevail over all other ways, even though the mushriks be much averse to it.

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Nav|Surah 2. Al-Baqarah|Juz 2. Sayaqoolu alssufahao|Ruku 30. Remarriage of Divorced Women and Widows|Hizb 4 ||Ayat [2:232]
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English: When you have divorced your wives absolutely and they have completed their prescribed term, then you should not prevent them from marrying their prospective husbands, if they mutually agree to marry each other in a lawful way. You are enjoined not to commit such an offence,if you sincerely believe in Allah and the Last Day. It is most decent and pure for you to desist from this; Allah knows and you do not know.
Waitha tallaqtumu alnnisaa fabalaghna ajalahunna fala taAAduloohunna an yankihna azwajahunna itha taradaw baynahum bialmaAAroofi thalika yooAAathu bihi man kana minkum yuminu biAllahi waalyawmi alakhiri thalikum azka lakum waatharu waAllahu yaAAlamu waantum la taAAlamoona
0. Waitha
1. tallaqtumu
2. alnnisaa
3. fabalaghna
4. ajalahunna ajalahunna هُنَّ Objective Pronoun
5. fala lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
6. taAAduloohunna taAAduloohunna هُنَّ Objective Pronoun
7. an
8. yankihna
9. azwajahunna azwajahunna هُنَّ Objective Pronoun
10. itha
11. taradaw
12. baynahum baynahum هُمْ Objective Pronoun
13. bialmaAAroofi
14. thalika thalika كَ Genetive Pronoun
15. yooAAathu yooAAathu هُ Objective Pronoun
16. bihi bihi هِ Genetive Pronoun
17. man
18. kana
19. minkum minkum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
20. yuminu
21. biAllahi biAllahi هِ Genetive Pronoun
22. waalyawmi
23. alakhiri
24. thalikum thalikum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
25. azka azka كَ Genetive Pronoun
26. lakum lakum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
27. waatharu
28. waAllahu waAllahu هُ Objective Pronoun
29. yaAAlamu
30. waantum
31. la
32. taAAlamoona