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He is Allah Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Right way so that He may make it prevail over all other ways, even though the mushriks be much averse to it.

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Nav|Surah 46. Al-Ahqaf|Juz 26. Hameem|Ruku 3. The Fate of Ad|Hizb 51 ||Ayat [46:21]
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English: And relate to them the story of the brother of 'Ad (Hud), when he warned his people in Ahqaf -and such warners had preceded as well as followed him-saying, "Worship none but Allah. I fear for you the torment of a dreadful day."
Waothkur akha AAadin ith anthara qawmahu bialahqafi waqad khalati alnnuthuru min bayni yadayhi wamin khalfihi alla taAAbudoo illa Allaha innee akhafu AAalaykum AAathaba yawmin AAatheemin
0. Waothkur
1. akha
2. AAadin
3. ith
4. anthara
5. qawmahu qawmahu هُ Objective Pronoun
6. bialahqafi
7. waqad
8. khalati
9. alnnuthuru
10. min
11. bayni
12. yadayhi yadayhi هِ Genetive Pronoun
13. wamin
14. khalfihi khalfihi خَلْفِ 11. Adverb of Place
15. alla lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
16. taAAbudoo
17. illa lala لَ 7. Separable Preposition
18. Allaha
19. innee
20. akhafu
21. AAalaykum AAalaykum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
22. AAathaba
23. yawmin minmin مِنْ 7. Separable Preposition
24. AAatheemin