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He is Allah Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Right way so that He may make it prevail over all other ways, even though the mushriks be much averse to it.

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Nav|Surah 9. At-Taubah|Juz 10. WaiAAlamoo|Ruku 4. Islam made Triumphant in Arabia|Hizb 19 ||Ayat [9:25]
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English: Allah has helped you on many occasions before this; (recently you witnessed the glory of His help) on the day of the Battle of Hunain; you were proud of your great numbers which had deluded you but it availed you nothing and the earth, with all its vastness, became too narrow for you, and turning your backs, you fled.
Laqad nasarakumu Allahu fee mawatina katheeratin wayawma hunaynin ith aAAjabatkum kathratukum falam tughni AAankum shayan wadaqat AAalaykumu alardu bima rahubat thumma wallaytum mudbireena
0. Laqad
1. nasarakumu
2. Allahu Allahu هُ Objective Pronoun
3. fee
4. mawatina
5. katheeratin
6. wayawma
7. hunaynin
8. ith
9. aAAjabatkum aAAjabatkum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
10. kathratukum kathratukum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
11. falam falam سَوفَ Master Group
12. tughni
13. AAankum AAankum كُمْ Genetive Pronoun
14. shayan
15. wadaqat
16. AAalaykumu
17. alardu
18. bima
19. rahubat
20. thumma
21. wallaytum
22. mudbireena