|Particles Form
#TranslitVerb FormEnglish EquivalentFormGenderNumberCategoryRadicalSubcatRoot
26_an. أنْ to Particles _an. Subjunctive _an.
27_allaA ألَّا may not Particles _allaA That-Conjunction _allaA
28lan. لَنْ will not Particles lan. Subjunctive Particle lan.
29li_an لِأنْ in order to Particles li_an That-Conjunction li_an
30HattaY حَتَّى until, even, to Particles Hatta Subjunctive HattaY
31kaiy كَيْ so that, in order that Particles kaiy Subjunctive kaiy
32li لِ for, that, to, belonging to Particles li Subjunctive Prefix li
33kay.laA كَيْلَا so that not Particles kayla That-Conjunction kay.laA
34laA لَا do not Particles laA Jussive Particle laA
35lam. لَمْ to deny a statement Particles lam. Jussive Particle lam.
36lammaA لَمَّا not yet Particles lamma Jussive Particle lammaA
37ein. إنْ if Particles ein. Jussive Particle _in
38man. مَنْ he who, if anyone Particles man. Jussive Particle man
39eay.na أيْنَ where Particles eay.na Jussive Particle _ay.na
40eayyi أيِّ which Particles eayyi Jussive Particle _ayyi
41bi بِ in, by, with, at Particles bi Inseparable Prepositions bi
42ta تَ 'by' in an oath only Particles ta Inseparable Prepositions ta
43wa وَ by (in any oath) Particles wa Subjunctive Prefix wa
44ka كَ like Particles ka Inseparable Prepositions ka
45fa فَ then Particles fa Subjunctive Prefix fa
46eillaAY إلَّاى until Particles eillaAY Prepositions eillaAY
47`alaYE عَلَىٰ over, upon, against, through Particles `alaYE `alaYE
48_aw. أوْ or Particles _aw. Conjunction _aw.
49_am. أمْ whether Particles _am. Conjunction _am.
50_idh. إذْ since, when, after, because Particles _idh. Conjunction _idh.
243lam. أنْتِ لَم تَدْرُسِي you did not studyForm X Feminine Singular Particles lam. lam.
371law. kaAnaA لَو كَانَ if it was Particles law. kaAnaA Elements law. kaAnaA
901eidhaA إذَا when, if Particles eidhaA Temporal Conjunctions eidhaA
902thumma ثُمَّ after that, the, therefore Particles thumma Conjunction thumma
903HattaYE حَتَّىٓ until, even, up to Particles Hatta Temporal Conjunctions HattaYE
904lakin لَكِن but Particles lakin Conjunction lakin
905yaA يَا Particles yaA Interjection yaA
906yaA ayyuha يَا أيُّهَا Particles ya ayyuha Interjection yaA eayyuhaA
907way.l(un) وَيْلٌ Particles wayluN Interjection way.l(un)